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There was something kind of odd about casting spells on innocent rabbits just to get them back into their cages. If anything, Carys had felt awfully bad sticking their poor feet to the ground, but then watching them poof into smoke was just that much more awkward. Given everything they’d gone through last term with the mist and everything, the unknown was proving to be an awkward spot for the fourth year. Although, funnily enough, the main activity didn’t seem quite as strange to her. Her only question was if they were banned from just taking off their shoes if they’d been targeted. It made sense to her, considering the spell wasn’t directed at their feet, specifically. They all had shoes on, unlike the bunnies.

Either way, her main deciding factor in choosing which of the two teams to join was moot, considering in all her consideration she hadn’t noticed which team either her sister or her cousin had picked. Nor any of the others she particularly trusted with protecting her, which meant she was on her own as she headed over to join the orange team. If anything, she figured, maybe it would be a weird training skill when it came to her chaser ability. Avoiding spells couldn’t be any harder than avoiding a bludger, right?

Plus, she was pretty good with defensive spells.
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