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Alexandre waved at the new girl when she did actually join them. Okay, this was perfect! Everything was working out, and everybody seemed to be good with the plan. He was only slightly alarmed when Cece pointed her wand at her own feet, but he supposed it didn't matter since she didn't even say the incantation right. "It's colloshoo," he said helpfully. "But maybe don't try it on your own feet in case it does work." He didn't know how to reverse the spell, and he really didn't want to tell the headmaster that a first years feet were stuck to the ground.

Oh, were they ready? GO. Alexandre tried to keep an eye on both the bunnies and the two casting the spell. He wanted to not let the bunnies get too far away, and be close to where they were aiming so he could snatch them right away. He glanced toward Cece to see how she was doing and almost tripped right over a bunny that had frozen in his path. He wasn't sure who's spell had done it but it was stuck. He quickly snatched it up and brought it back over to their box. "I got one!"

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