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Default white rabbites - 3 bunnies captured
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Kaiser was very much aware of the other groups in the room who were actually properly uniting to work as a team to catch their rabbits. He supposed the idea had some merit, but he was personally much more comfortable with the prospect of everyone at their table doing their own thing. He was satisfied to note that Alessandro seemed to be on the same page as he was in that sense.

Divide and catch the bunnies conquer.

There were now four white rabbits out there, waiting to be captured. Or, well, not waiting at all, but leaping madly around the room probably looking for some kind of escape.

Kaiser was lucky with his next find. One of the rabbits - which just so happened to be another white one, and apparently not particularly bright - was attempting to run up one of the slides that had been magicked into the room. He watched it for a moment, half-wondering if it would manage to make it to the top, before deciding it was probably a better idea to take advantage of the animal while it was being impeded. He took aim and fired off another spell.//

"Colloshoo." ... which sailed right over it. Whoops. Nobody saw that. He quickly tried again before the rabbit processed what had happened and made a bid for escape. "Colloshoo."

That time he got it, and the rabbit was stuck fast to the slide. Wading through the gradually thinning sea of leporids, Kaiser got hold of his catch, cancelled the spell it was under, and brought the creature back to the cage.
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