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Default Claudine, Gemma, and Holly
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SPOILER!!: Mah girls
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
The second girl who had been sitting with her and Gemma was saying the spell all wrong. Had Claudine been the type who laughed easily, she would have done just that. As it was, she sought to help her fellow first year. “Colloshoo,’’ she said softly in correction. “It does sound horribly like a sneeze,’’ was added as an afterthought. To both girls, she asked, “What about if we all work on the same bunny at the same time? Two of us attempt to stick the bunny and the other grab it if neither of the spells work? Of course we shouldn’t try to hit the bunny at the same time in case the spell’s too much for it.” It was just a plan but if either of them had something better, she was willing to listen.

Unfortunately for Claudine, her first spell had completely missed the rabbit she had been aiming for. The little creatures were so fast that she was sure the Headmaster had purposely done something to increase the speed of the not-so-real-bunnies. Speaking of him… “Does the group who’ve captured all of their bunnies get a prize, Headmaster?’’

Oh, there was a pink bunny. Claudine aimed her wand as it hopped, hopped, hopped. “Colloshoo.’’ It was a neat miss. “Colloshoo.” Another miss. “Colloshoo.’’ This time, the pink bunny stuck in place. “Quickly, someone grab it.’’ She was a bit further from it and didn’t trust her spell work to hold for long.
Originally Posted by malfoygrl View Post
Gemma missed. Rats. These bunnies were a lot quicker than she thought they would be. She looked back at her group, catching the new plan. "Yeah, working together should make it easier!"

That was a valid question. This seemed like a lot of work without there being some sort of incentive. Maybe house points? No homework? A break? This was exhausting.

Oh! Claudine hit one! Gemma quickly ran to grab the bunny. The avid animal lover held the fake bunny close to her chest as she carried it back to the cage. Once she was sure it was safe and secured she scanned the room for more pink rabbits.

"Phoebe, I think I spot one over there! Come with me so we can try to conner it!" Gemma slowly made her way around the room, trying not to spook the rabbit.

Oh! Phoebe grinned in response to the correction to her pronunciation, although she wasn't sure she'd gotten it straight even yet. Col-lo-shoe. Colloshoooooo? She was still pondering it when Claudine mentioned working together and they caught their first bunny.

Yes! Working together! Two to shoo and one to grab. "We should stick ahead of where the bunny will be and then try to chase it toward the sticky," Phoebe suggested as she followed Gemma toward the pink bunny. "I think you should cast and I should chase. I don't know if you know this, but I'm not very subtle."

In fact, she was already spooking the rabbits nearest to her, although none were pink. "Cast ahead of us! I'll chase!" She spotted a pink bunny and made chase.
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