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Klaus didn't care much about where he was forced expected to learn. Durmstrang had been the ultimate dream but being a bit of a trouble maker he had been asked to leave. He just wanted to get stronger. That was his only goal. That was why he had found himself here. He had overheard some of the French students talking about this place. He wanted to practice his spells. Sitting in classes weren't his thing. His best learning technique was application. If he couldn't test something out on someone or something then how did he know if the spell worked.

Klaus pulled out his wand and stood back from one of the wooden dummies. How incanted are these things? Klaus smirked. The thought of breaking these things was amusing to him. He'd practice until one of them broke.

"Incendio." One of the dummies caught fire. He shifted his body to face another wood figure.

"Reducto." Hmm. The figure didn't explode like usual, instead it just flew backwards. After a few seconds it flew back into place. He wasn't surprised. This place was enchanted, he was just slightly annoyed.

Already bored of this he tried casting without speaking. It was a technique he'd been trying to learn for awhile. It was usually hit or miss and sometimes the spells rebounded and hit him. But it was worth the risk.

Just in case the spell did rebound he started with something that wouldn't injury him. 'Wingardium leviosa.' Klaus director all his attention onto one of the dummies. It started to lift up a little before quickly dropping back down.

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