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There was a semi deep frown that had begun to tug at her lips the more Connor spoke. Addison wasn't at all really fussed with the fact that he was already finished practicing for the day or even that he was acting grumpy now. She was used to his grumpy attitude and how quickly he could go from a smile or a laugh to being annoyed and walking away from her. It was him stating that he had a headache now. One that she quickly assumed was from overworking himself just now. "You should go try to get some rest or perhaps a nice cup of tea would help with that." Unless it was a bad headache, in which case he may want to take a trip to the Healer for a potion.

Addison's frown turned into a gentle smile. "You're welcome, Connor." Tomorrow? He wanted them to practice again tomorrow?! Of course she had the time! Even if she didn't she would make the time to practice with him again. The more time she spent with him the more drawn to him she became. If each day could be spent fully in his presence she would be a truly happy girl. Not that she would tell him that of course. "Sure. How about after lunch so we'll be energized and ready to focus?"

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