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Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post

I canít even begin to tell you guys how happy it makes me that you guys have a portfolio thread!! Two very, very talented princesses working together!!!!! Talk about magical

And those Mulan icons are so BEAUTIFUL holy crap! *__*

And that proclamation...... *squishes so much* Sorry that the other kids were so mean about this. I hope itís not something you still have to go through <3

Keep up the amazing work, you guys!

and Shang is very hot
KIIIIIIIIIIIITA you are so sweet <333

I think expectations are something that everyone still deals with on some level today, so I still find Mulan a very relatable character to draw from for inspiration.
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Aww, I love the theme of this portfolio! Disney never goes out of style. In fact, the last three movies I saw in theaters were all Disney movies.

Pixie, I stole one of your Mulan icons, because this scene c r a c k s me up.
With that in you have a true sense of diiiiiignity

it's a great scene. Sometimes I wish we could have had another glimpse of her after Mulan saved China...catch this woman with her tail between her legs
Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post

Can I just say that I so so so admire the pretties you both have made so far? As a child (at heart and body lmfao) it makes me so happy to see and be part of the classic Disney appreciation. I'll definitely keep coming back to watch and admire your works!

Also, I'm gonna grab one of the Mulan avvies, mama~ *wiggles fingers*
KIMMY YOU CUTIE POOTIE *squishes* thank you <3
Originally Posted by Uncle Moose View Post
Heheheh YAY!

I'm already wearing one
ugh, isn't Ern's work so lovely? I love how she utilizes space
Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
getting one for myself, thank you!
Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
These grab bags are sooooo ridiculously pretty holy crap *__*

I'm not crying at the #OHANA one don't look at me

I also LOVE that Esmeralda is the main focus of the Hunchback of Notre Dame grab bag yeeeeeeeeees!!

Keep up the amazing work, lovelies <3
AND YOU AGAIN thank you, Kita

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