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SPOILER!!: bestie, wandmaker, and dads!
Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
His dad said he could have gemstones and ribbons!!!! Flynn GRINNED up at him - and a HOLSTER!? Oh boyohheckohCirceohSweetCliodna!

Flynn gripped the wand he was offered, looked around at his friends in nervous excitement, and then up at his dad (and also at Scan) with the hero worship kind of adoration. He was getting his wand RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW! And of course he was going to swish it good, and swish it at the same time as Tavie, on a one two and three - and he didn't even THINK for a second that this one wouldn't be it. Maybe that was part of why the wand, upon said swishing, emitted a silvery vapour which swirled up and around and through Tavie's stream of colours, almost as though they had practiced it, or as though both colour stream and silver vapour had been cast from the same wand, with intention, and not just from a wide eyed wave of first ever wands from two eleven year olds.

Oh it felt so NICE! He looked up at his dad. "This is it!"

"Tavie look!" he held his wand out for her to take a good look at and eagerly eyeballed hers.

Oh but he was allowed a holster and stuff! Flynn looked up at the board, eyes searching it for just the perfect -- ohhhhh they had SATIN! He kinda wanted that one. But..... he took a breath. Best not. Just in case. "Can I get a leather hip holster? Ummm...." Did they come in rainbow?

.... best not.

"In black please!"

And THEN he noticed the HANDLE EMBELLISHMENT bit, and Flynn was starry-eyed. "I can get a gemstone in the handle???"

How nice to see two wands interact like that. It would happen more often if people were fitted together more often, but generally it was a more one on one experience so it didn't quite happen this way. Still, two very good matches that Ram was pleased about. He smiled at the little girl.

"You have 12 1/3 unyielding Acacia with Jobberknoll feather core for 12 galleons." Surprising, that he'd made two Acacia wand matches this summer, given how difficult it often was to match. "Are you wanting any equipment or accessories with that?" And.... he STILL very much wanted to ask her father for his autograph.

And for the boy.... "14 3/4 inch supple willow with griffin claw core there. Lovely. 11 galleons for the wand and 4 for the holster... that's 15 so far......" The gemstone part though.... "Its a minimum of 20 galleons for the embellishment, how about I give you a brochure to take a look at, and you can take that home and have a think about what you want?" Ramiel suggested, glancing at the boy's father. He got one of the information brochures out and circled the ones that were an option with that particular wand - there were a few gemstones that would not resonate well with the griffin claw.

He passed the brochure over with the holster.

Tavie stared in amazement at the beautiful display her and Flynn's wands had just put on, her mouth slightly agape. Did everyone see that?? She looked back at her Daddy and Mr. Gray. Did they see that??? "They were dancing!" She said in a singsong voice, briefly trading wands with Flynn. Not to try and see if they'd work, but so both could inspect the others awesome new companions.

When the wandmaker spoke, Octavia processed the numbers first - 12, 1/3, and 12 - and THEN she processed the remaining details about her wand. GASP. "My mum has an Acacia wand!" Did he know? Daddy knew. They would both be so proud of this, she knew it. "What do the numbers mean for my wand?" Important question, that.

As far as accessories went... Tavie listened in on what her bestie was getting before she spoke. "I want everything he's getting, and I want my wand engraved with an amaryllis flower also please." Tavie DID really want a magical wand holster, but that didn't matter to her in the grand scheme of things, not when she was going to get her wand engraved.

....... Did he know what a amaryllis flower looked like?
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