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Seventeen was nearly over for Patrick, but he had to wait until now to finally get his apparition license. With the mist, his whole term had basically been uprooted. He had gotten tips from his parents on his way to the classroom, and his brothers had all told him how easy it was... but no one told him just how nervous he would feel when seeing his friends enter the classroom for the same purpose as him.

He had tried to remember all of the things that he had learned up to this point, but he was also starting to get pretty nervous to make sure he did his stuff right. With the pen he had sitting on top of his journal he wrote down the three tasks he needed to do in order to pass his exam.
Originally Posted by notes
Don't splinch

1. Apparate into the center of the hoop in room.
2. Apparate to one of these locations:
Level One Lobby and Reception, Pets 'n Plants Café (Level Four), Level Five Lobby, Fitness Room (Level Seven)
3. Apparate to the Golden Gates in the Atrium.
He was ready to do this. Gripping his wand he watched a few of the other students go. His eyes followed Tina, one of his fellow classmates he recognized. She had her wand, turned, and moved across the room. Well he figured if most of the people who had gone before him had made it he could make it.

"Get it together Dooley" He mumbled to himself. He gripped and ungripped his wand in his hand, taking a deep breath or two. He held his wand spun on his left foot imagining the golden hoop at the other end of the room ready to land inside of it. The golden hoop in the floor across---

Opening his eyes he noticed that the view of the room looked.... different. He'd done it? Holy Merlin he had done it and he didn't splinch. His brothers were right he could do this. Now he just needed to go to the two other locations.
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