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Tina had been looking forward to getting her Apparition license for a long time, but the events of last term made her even more determined to earn it. Never again would she allow herself to be trapped somewhere! She had to learn to apparate so she could get herself out of danger, should the need arise… not that it would’ve helped her much at Hogwarts last term. She knew about the anti-disapparition spells on the school, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that brooms, floo powder, and/or portkeys weren’t always available, so she couldn’t keep depending on them alone.

As such, Tina had kept up diligently with her apparition lessons until they were cancelled, and she’d arrived at the apparition classroom on time, confident and ready to go. Upon her arrival, she recognized a few students from Hogwarts, but she didn’t try to make conversation with anyone. She was here to learn, not socialize. Instead she busied herself filling out the forms with her name, address, and all other required information. She caught the fist of the question asked, as well as the others' answers, but by the time she finished her forms, all the important answers had already been said. The only thing she could think to add was the fact that apparation always made some sort of noise, ranging from a faint pop to a sound like that of a car backfiring, but she wasn't sure if that qualified as important information about apparition ... that and they were already moving on. Oh well, she'd have the chance to prove her knowledge on the written portion of the exam. Besides, talk was cheap; she preferred to let her magic do the talking.

And now was her chance! Come on, Tina! You've got this, she thought, taking a couple of deep breaths to calm her mind. She glanced across the room, focusing all her attention on the center of one of the hoops. A look of intense concentration crossed her face as she gripped her wand and turned on the spot - no fancy ballerina twirls for her, just enough to get the job done! She disappeared and…

reappeared a split second later in the middle of one of the hoops. She made it! Didn't she? Tina didn't feel much different, maybe a little queasy but not injured. Just in case, she felt to make sure everything was still there. Limbs? Check. Hair? Check. Nails? Check. Eyebrows? Check. No signs of splinching, thank Merlin!*

Now she had to apparate to another floor of the Ministry. The question was which one? Tina felt slightly nervous about this part. She had never been to any of the possible locations before, so visualizing her destination was going to be a lot harder! She considered the possibilities. She'd probably have an easier time visualizing a lobby than a cafe or a fitness room, and she knew her friend/father figure's boss was on level 1. She'd try that! The level 1 lobby couldn't look too much different from the one on this level, right? Visualizing a lobby in her mind's eye, she turned and vanished.
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