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Natalie had been focusing so hard on the actual, inevitable, practical portion of her apparition exam, that she hadn't really been paying attention to much of what the instructors had been saying. THANKFULLY, this wasn't her first rodeo (it was, in fact, the... twelfth lesson she had?), so she knew the logistics of it. And the LOGISTICS, yeah, those were fine!!! It all made sense! She had the theory down. It was the actual APPARATING that was scary as all get out.

Sure, Natalie's magical skills had improved a little bit since she had left Hogwarts, but even on a good day it was possible for her to blow up the tea kettle instead of just getting it to boil. But she NEEDED to bite the bullet and do this. She needed this level of independence. IT WAS TIME.

Taking a deep breath following the instructions, Natalie looked across the room and focused on the hoop in her line of sight. 'Okay,' she thought to herself, 'you got this.' And then, after a LONG ten seconds of IMMENSE focus, Natalie closed her eyes and successfully disapparated into the hoop.

With a sigh of relief and a proud smile, she then focused for another LONG ten seconds... and disapparated again. Hopefully to the right place.

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