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What? WHAT? was exactly the reaction to have. Yes, Yasmina. Congratulations. She opened her mouth to say something.. to react.. but nothing came out. Instead, Eliora leaned against a nearby wall and covered her face with her hands. Look, no one had said that she was a real adult, okay? She wasn't, by the way. Eliora Amorette Dodderidge was an absolute mess and always had been. Especially when coffee was involved.

She became aware of Bear's presence when he spoke, letting out a sigh as he cleared up the mess. "This machine has been here as long as I remember." Right? Or......had someone snuck in a new one over the years? This was the one she was sure had been here since she began working here. Had she hit it? Eliora GASPED and looked between the both of them. "Do I LOOK like I'd inflict violence on a coffee machine?!!"

The answer was absolutely yes.
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