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Grae's eyes flickered around the room at the plethora of students who had come to take their apparition license exams. Because of the predicament at Hogwarts last term, the young witch had expected a good turnout for today, and she was surely not disappointed. Most looked like recent graduates, and she was happy to see at least two older wizards in the classroom. As Kendra had said to Victor, you're never too old to get your apparition license.

Leaning casually against the wall on the side of the room, Grae decided to keep quiet and let Kendra and Yassi take the reigns. After all, this was their area of expertise, and as a relatively new member of the department, she didn't want to overstep her boundaries.

The lesson had barely started before Grae detected a nervous energy emanating from several of the students in the room. Sure, testing for your apparition license could be stressful, but she wished she could reassure them that there wasn't much to worry about. Anxiety only made apparition more difficult. She settled for a pleasant smile and a sincere, "Good luck," directed to the group, after Yassi finished relaying the practical instructions. "We'll see you in the Atrium!" Hopefully. Grae gave the group a nod and headed off to meet them at the Golden Gates.
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