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Jeez, what a sour grape! One would think that, as a boss herself (er, she assumed this was the boss of the DMT), the lady would appreciate the little detail of her not blowing her own boss (because of course a coach was the boss of a Quidditch player) off. However, Ms. Golshiri was much warmer and seemed to understand, thankfully. Not that any of this had any affect on Archer's mood. She still had a smile on her face.

Ah, so that's what they had to do with their forms. She wondered if she could-nope, there was that question answered. No getting the boyfriend to sign it, or going to his level, even. Pbbbbt. Maybe after the test, when she officially had her license then.

Taking a deep breath, she focused deeply on the inside of one of the hoops. Breathe Archer, you can do this. She took hold of her wand, turned where she was almost like a ballerina and temporarily disappeared before reappearing, fully intact, in the center of one of the hoops. That was the first part of the test nailed. Next was the slightly harder part, especially since she wasn't at all familiar with the Ministry. So, instead she focused on going one level away from where she currently was, held on to her wand and turned on the spot again, disappearing from the room again.
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