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Yassi was very impressed with the answers that were given. She had never been good at wearing a poker face and as such, she wore a warm smile for the duration of the question and answer period. She was pleased to know that many of them held concentration in high regard. As far as iconic looks went, Yasmin had to keep herself from giggling. How endearing. Children had such imaginations. The tardy one still received a warm smile in welcome. Yassi knew Kendra would likely be disappointed and she wanted to counterbalance. Besides, you never really knew another’s circumstance. The mumbling duo, who she recognized from Hogwarts, received encouraging looks. Hopefully their lack in volume did not translate to a lack in confidence. Yassi had faith.

She smiled brightly at Kendra before taking a step forward to address the group. “Yes, it is absolutely imperative that you apparate today without any sign of splinching. Otherwise we will have no choice, but to ask you to retake the exam before you can receive your license.” In other words, if they so much as lost an eyebrow, they would fail. But that didn’t sound very pleasant to say out loud, so she implied it instead. “For the practical portion of your exam, you will have to successfully apparate to three distinct locations,” she wore an encouraging, warm smile as she explained. Gesturing fluidly to the opposite end of the room, she continued, “first from one end of the classroom to the center of one of the hoops at the end of the room. Second, you will need to apparate to another floor of the ministry where you will have to receive a sign-off on your form from a ministry employee on that level.” The forms they had been filling out had a spot for a signature at the bottom, they did notice this… Yes? That’s where the respective Department Head’s would sign to ensure that they apparated successfully sans-splinching. “You can choose to apparate to the Level One Lobby and Reception, the Pets 'n Plants Café on Level Four, the Level Five Lobby, or the Fitness Room on Level Seven.”

She paused for a moment to ensure that they were following. “Finally, you will apparate to the Atrium where one of my colleagues will meet you,” she smiled taking a moment to look around the room, incase there were any confused faces. “When you are ready, you may begin. Remember, you will need to take hold of your wand, turn on the spot, and concentrate on your destination. Destination, determination, and deliberation. Best of luck.”

OOC: You may complete the following tasks to whatever degree of success is appropriate for your character.
1. Apparate into the center of the hoop at the end of the room.
2. Apparate to one of the following threads:
Level One Lobby and Reception, Pets 'n Plants Café (Level Four), Level Five Lobby, Fitness Room (Level Seven)
3. Finally, apparate to the Golden Gates in the Atrium.

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