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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
In all honesty, Theophilus probably needed to get back to work but he had no intention of it until he had placed higher than a 2. Which if you were dumb..... meant first place. He was going to play until he finished in first place and only then would he go back to work. ONLY THEN.

He wiggled his whole body as the game finished up the credits for the race, stretching his knuckles out and even doing a few lunges. Mans gotta be prepared, you know? Only when he was mid lunge did her notice a lass in the room with him and a slow smile grew across his face. "Losing make me seem more endearing?"

Wounded soldier kinda thing.
Yassi found herself laughing softly again, in a good natured sort of way. Soft and melodic, rather than loud and to tease. Her warm smile only grew when he spoke, and she found herself looking off to the floor for a moment before returning her gaze back to him. "Yes," she answered with a small nod. Though to be fair, she found him endearing from the start.

It was quite refreshing to see this kind of energy in the Ministry. Her past few months here had only proven that working in a governmental office was anything less than energetic. It was quite a shame, honestly. "What are you playing?" It was difficult to tell from the shouting alone.
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