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A small smile graced Mercy's face when she saw Philippa had arrived and cut the line to stand with her. Completely on brand and expected from the Von Brandt. Fashionable Late but more just on time. "Hey, i think im more nervous for this than owls" Which might not be true come when this was over but right now it was a million percent true. More more deep breathe and they were apparently starting. Wow really just on time Philippa. Both ladies where part of the Department.

Didnt explain the man over there tho.

Paperwork she could do. Paperwork and tests on paper are what she is good at.Did they have to mention something because Mercy would rather stay quiet and let everyone else answer. It was easier that way and wait did someone say something about losing eyebrows????

"Destination, Determination and Deliberation"

She said though not loud but well whenever has she ever been loud
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