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Recognising Golshiri from those few apparition lessons that had taken place at Hogwarts before the mist meant cancelling everything, Kaiser nodded politely when she greeted him. "Hello," he said back, shoving his hands into his pockets as he invariably did whenever someone spoke to him.

The room soon started to fill up, and naturally Kaiser found that he recognised almost everyone. There was Mercy, Anahera, the von Brandt girl, and a girl whose name he thought might be Walsh, all of whom he was of an age with, and some others he knew he'd seen around Hogwarts over the past few years. Kaiser even recognised the slightly older man who had turned up; his picture was on the wall of staff members back at Stemp House, some kind of specialist tutor or something like that. It was weird, being around so many familiar faces after he had so recently tried to turn his back on it all, but he supposed he'd have to get used to it again sooner or later.

Taking the clipboard, Kaiser decided to focus on filling in the form first and foremost, as he still had a tendency to misread things or translate them incorrectly in his head if he tried to do too many things at once while reading and writing in English. Once he was done, he looked back up and tuned into the discussion properly. There just happened to be a pause in answers at that moment, so Kaiser offered his own input.

"Deliberation," he essentially mumbled. Kaiser always remembered that word now, because it had been completely unknown to him the first time he had heard it. After looking up what it meant, the word and its definition had stuck firmly in his head.
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