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Default here, have a Ronan just for good measure ;P
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Lunch. Lunch and maybe some quality time with his special someone before they had to dash off again. That's all the almost auror had been after. But it seemed like the fountain had other plans, because of course. Luckily, he'd noticed the stream of water out the corner of his eye and was able to block it from hitting him with some quick wand work. Unfortunately, it looked like some weren't as lucky (or didn't have auror senses).

For what was probably the first time ever, Ronan contemplated getting the heck out of dodge before he could be spotted. Had his hand on the door to the phone booth, even. But whatever it was in him that had caused him to get sorted into Gryffindor also caused him to turn right back around and join the crowd, impervius charm cast overhead. "Impressive." he remarked quietly, an eyebrow raised. By which he meant that it was impressive that someone had managed to tamper with the fountain with all kinds of security people et al. around. "Wonder if it's related to all the other odd things that have been going on around here lately?" Had to be, right?
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