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"Sorry, I know I'm late. My coach kept me longer than I was expecting and there was a problem with my transportation....." said the newest member of the Appleby Arrows with an almost smirk as she rushed into the testing room and plopped into a random empty seat. Also, no Belle, loss of eyebrows is not an iconic look, no matter what you say. More like embarrassing.

Of course, she filled her form out with the required information and....then what? Were they supposed to hand the form back or....? Anyway, Archer thought on the answer to the question for a second then piped up again. "You want to be extremely familiar with where you're apparating to, so you don't pop into a wall or a locked room. Unless you were trying to pop into the locked room, then more power to ya...." A chuckle followed that last bit, of course.
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