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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Moira was lost. She must have been to Diagon Alley a dozen times before with her older cousins, but going here now that she was ELEVEN and headed off to Hogwarts Beauxbatons, the blond was at a loss. She knew one of the first things she should purchase should be her wand, which she also knew meant to go to Ollivander's. But where WAS Ollivander's?? Why wasn't there a directory that listed the exact layout of all the stores? Even though she was tall for her age, there were still way too many people in here and she'd lost track of her father.

Must. Not. Cry.

Pushing her way in through the closest shop, she had a seat down by the window. At least it wasn't too crowded in here. Chance to catch her breath. Or something. Maybe look for a familiar face. Maybe a helping hand to point her where in Merlin's forsaken name was the Wand Shop?
Ilya, on the other hand, knew this place inside out. His grandma and ma brought him here when they had to stock up their shop, and he remembered Diagon Alley as much as Hexagonalley (where he lived) so, yeah. He knew it all. He was an expert. Which was why his mother left him trusted him to shop for potions on his own while she guarded the door outside.

Ilya RAN into the shop, coming to a halt just before he rammed someone in the back. "Whoaaa!!" He laughed, rosy cheeks and an ice cream cone dripping in his hand. He licked the bit of ice cream melting down his hand as he strolled around the store.

Someone was sitting at the window. Why would someone take a seat in a cauldron shop? He approached the girl curiously. "Hi. Why are you sitting here?" Did she need help carrying the cauldrons?? He was strong. He could carry it for her!
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