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Originally Posted by hjhm View Post
Jillian thought that it would be a good idea for her to go around Diagon Alley and buy some of her school supplies... Not that they would run out but with all the kids running around and buying the supplies, she needed to double time on that one too. Plus her father has been pestering her to buy all of the things she needed for school and that includes her stationery.

She loves to shop but not for supplies. She'd rather go to the nearest ice cream parlor for something sweet or to a boutique where she can buy more clothes. Packing light for school was an option, as her father stated. Sigh. She's not going to bother packing too much. Jillian walked into the shop and found herself scrolling through awesome things she can find. There are a ton of selection but of course, she opted for her favorite color. Her eyes set into a really cute mauve-colored candle, it definitely caught her eye. She smiles looking at it and uttered "This is pretty" checking the lovely details around it. She really likes this. She is definitely going to buy this one. This and maybe one more if she has enough cash to spare. She's still going to stop by the bookstore and ice cream before going home.

Ohhhh and also inks. She needs that as well.
This shop was probably the only one Rory enjoyed in Diagon Alley. He got most of his equipment and clothes when he was away on his arts internship in Eastern Europe. Still, it wouldn't be the start of a new term if he didn't visit Wiseacre's. He walked in casually, his wand was poking out of his pocket and his hand was tucked safely inside it.

He headed for the right side of the shop where he usually finds his magic paintbrushes. A girl was inspecting a candle there, so he made sure to dodge her while he went for the next shelf. He picked up a set of paintbrushes knocking over a vase of some kind and it bounced off the floor between him and the girl with a loud clank. "Watch out!" He extended his leg to keep the vase from hitting the girl's leg. "Sorry." Did the shopkeeper see? H didn't want to be thrown out yet.
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