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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
For the record, Reed had always found that endearing about her. He, too, knew better than to steal Ava from her time with Noelle or during work. He never wanted to seem like their relationship was an obligation, and spending time together all the time wasn't a 24/7 duty. They had lives outside of what they had, and he was respectful of those boundaries. He kept the smile on his face as he listened to her, one of his hands stirring his tea and the other resting on his lap. "Yes, you could say that." Working within Diagon Alley had many perks. It was a convenient place to access all kinds of businesses and shops. "Coffee runs too, when we've ran out of it. We basically live on caffeine." It was the type of hustle that this journalist liked.

He would agree that the fish and chips here in the Leaky Cauldron was great. No argument there. Except his palate was going for something that wasn't his usual as this would be one of his last chances to try a different dish. "I was thinking of a casserole for myself," he shared. Reed opened up his messenger bag to fish out his wallet. "Last chance for you to decide against that lemonade, by the way." He smirked playfully, having noticed her torn looks at the beverage menu.

He was also casually getting out of his seat. Tick tock.
The older she became, the more Ava had realized being possessive towards significant other was pointless and toxic. This guy had taught her to be a better and more mature girlfriend (or person in general maybe) and she was happy to meet him in a first place. Reed Castell was such a package deal; he has intelligence but not using it do degrade someone, super calm, mature and not to mention he was blessed with good physical features.

Merlin, Ava sounded like a biased fangirl.

"You guys are all caffeine addict." The 23 year-old teased him. She didn't really judge because she understood how journalists worked with deadline and coffee was such an energy booster to keep them alive and functional. Weren't most humans all? Ava did take coffee occasionally when she needed but lately she preferred herbal tea to keep her more relaxed.

"Well...." She just chuckled when Reed caught her being torn about the lemonade. "Just order that before I changed my mind." She did want lemonade though.

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