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Benzi popped back into the atrium as yet another day of going door to door in the North yielded exactly zero results. His merry men were proving very elusive, yet very confident. Not his favourite of combinations among criminals. The three victims currently being treated at Mungo's were a clear indication that he needed to close his case soon. Besides, he'd really like to put this case to rest and get back to his Northern Ireland situation-

Uh. Speaking of situations??

"Minister??" the auror rushed to the fallen man, noting the faulty fountain and also the gathering of people around it. What had happened here? As he ran, Benzi reached into his pocket and pulled out on of the several small stones he always kept on hand, tossed in the air and transfigured it into an umbrella which he enlarged several times until its radius was larger than his own height.

Setting the oversized umbrella protectively over the minister's frame, he crouched down. "Minister Hollingberry, sir, can you sit up?"
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