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Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post
Stella looked at him abd frowned when he almost dropped his cone, she didn't mean to scare him that much. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. " Which was true, she didn't mean to frighten the young boy, she was just asking to sit down. She had the tendency to get lost in her own thouhts as well, it happens alot to her as well, so she didn't blame him. Sometimes fantasy is better then reality was at times, but sometimes deep thoughts were scary as well.

"Um... thank you. " Taking the chair across from him she sat down brushing hair our of her eyes. Reading a book she gotten from the bookstore licking her icecream as she read. Looking up from her book she nodded. "Yes I gotten all mine already, my brother took them home for me, what about you?" she asked him curiously. Closing her book she placed it in her bag for further reading later.
I just need my wand yet" Blake explained to her, and it was after the most important item. "My dad keeps dragging his feet taking me to Ollivanders" He added, he had gotten directions from the older boy, but when he was outside the shop he saw his dad talking to that .... woman... and then was sent here with something for a bit. "I mean you can't start learning magic without it...." Blake trailed off. Ugh.. he sounded childish ... it would come with time he told himself. "I'm Blake by the way. Blake Ryan" He added extending his hand out to her. He hoped it wasn't too sticky from the ice cream.
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