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"Mm, quite a good turnout," Kendra said, nodding in agreement to Yassi. And they were right on time. Kendra was always pleased with promptness. It was a good trait to have. But she waited until they all filed in before addressing the group so that she wouldn't have to do it twice. "Never too old to get your license," she added warmly to the man (Victor) just a bit older than most of the room.

"Good afternoon, everyone!" she called out brightly, bringing them all to attention. "I'm Ms. Kendra Jordan-Durand, head of the Magical Transportation department here at the Ministry. And this is Ms. Yasmin Golshiri, our lead apparition instructor." Those that had already begun apparition lessons at Hogwarts before they needed to be cancelled would know that, but it was best to make sure everyone knew anyway.

"Before we get started, we have some paperwork for you to fill out with your name and all of that pertinent information," she began as she handed each of those in line a clipboard with a parchment form attached. "And we'd like to have just a bit of a review. Can each of you mention something important related to the matter of apparition?" Of course they'd also have a written exam, but might as well warm up before getting right into it.
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