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Having turned seventeen in January, the Apparition license was definitely one that Maeve Walsh needed to achieve. Especially if she wanted to go places, which included not being a beach bum as appealing that sounded. She did take note of the dormmate here, as she dropped her galleon off, the blond resumed her spot in line, giving Anahera a small smile. But that was about all the contact that was made, because for the first class in ages, the blonde was anxious to get it done. And be done with all formal training things.

Adrian Quinn had turned of-age years ago. Two years ago, to be precise as he'd be turning 20 this August, but the apparition license was one of those things that slipped his mind. He'd taken all the theoretical training, of course, but having a summer birthday meant all his friends had already gone for their official license and every year that passed meant another one of 'forgetting to get his license'. Not to mention having dropped out of Hogwarts after sixth year, the apparition license was the last thing on his mind. He got distracted, you see.

He was rather grateful to see he wasn't the only older guy here, and wondered if it was his first time or just a renewal? Almost made him want to break out in song and ask everyone what their story was ... but he was next. "Come along, Bo," he said quietly to an .. empty spot beside his leg, as he dropped the galleon off and joined the queue.
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