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Philippa was uncharacteristically late. She liked to get to any of her appointments at least ten minutes ahead of time, and sometimes even twenty minutes to account for time spent searching for the correct room. So, granted, this was not a work meeting, but it was possibly even more important. No more floo powder, no more sidealong apparition. Total independence.

And she was running late.

The leggy brunette slid to a stop behind the door of the apparition classroom at long last, and spent exactly 35 seconds making sure she didn't look as frazzled as she felt before elegantly striding into the room, her heels clicking on the ministry floor. She quickly handed over the necessary galleon as her sharp green eyes glanced around the room.

There were mostly familiar faces, though that older guy did make her brow rise a bit. He looked like a toothpaste model, she thought to herself as she loitered for a moment or two by the door, doing her best to draw some attention to herself. She looked very put together today, and she felt very strongly that everyone should take notice.

Oh, there's Mercy. Time to go. Philippa quickly cut the line and stood beside her friend, not sparing the action more than a passing thought. "Mercy, hi. You okay?" she quietly murmured, noting her features were paler than usual. And they'd done OWLs this term.
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