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Victor had realized all to late that his licenses for the UK had...expired. Probably why he needed to write these sorts of things down, but the American-born wanderluster of a wizard also had a bit on an allergy to white-collar structure. Which was likely apparent as he arrived at the apparition classroom with his visitor badge held between his teeth and his shirt tied around his waist. His one of three button up shirts was in the backpack hanging off of his left shoulder and he had had every intention of slipping that on before coming in here, but things happened as they did.

At least he wasn't late. He could at least pride himself on not being late.

He wasn't technically the intended age group for this...but he WAS in a bit of a hurry and a condensed lesson with exam in the same breath was just the ticket. It was worth a shot anyway, yeah?

Looking around, the 27-year-old made his way over towards the two Ministry officials and recognized the department head quite quickly. He had seen her at a glance a few times while he had been on portkey business here at the British Ministry.

"Afternoon," he grinned boyishly. "Room on the roster for a slightly dated of-aged student?"

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