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SPOILER!!: Mariana
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
"Great minds." The brunette offered her coworker a grin and patted the ground beside her, thinking some company would be nice. "Too beautiful a day to stay inside. Since the whole mist thing, I've been taking advantage of every moment of sunshine I can get." Because honestly, for a few moments there at that school, Mariana thought she might not see the sun again. She was lucky that wasn't the case. They all were.

"How've you been?" Outside of their day to day, Mariana didn't always get a chance to catch up with the other botanists and that seemed like something she should do more of, too.

Mariana was interesting. She held herself with an effortless dignity that had made it easy for Quentin to respect her, but more than that- After the mist, he had come to see the young woman as a true ally. Despite all this, the young man paused and considered the invitation for the smallest of moments, before settling down beside his fellow botanist. "I must agree," Q said, though he was sure she could have guessed as much from the fact he was even out here. Stretching out his long legs, Q made himself comfortable as he opened up his cardboard lunchbox and began pulling from an assortment of items much too big for the box frame. A large, ripened mango. A brilliantly red thermos. A small chocolate bar. a cold chicken salad sandwich wrapped in sandwich paper, and a bag of veggie chips. Well balanced? Q liked to think so.

"I've been just fine, nothing a good dose of dreamless sleep potion can't take care of." Q cheerfully replied, hoping to convince not only Mariana Medina but himself in the bargain. "And yourself? How have you been getting on?" His tone was casual, but certainly skirting around the larger issue here.


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