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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post

Her tone, coupled with the stiffness of her body made Adam pull his hand back. He felt as if he had done or said something wrong, but he wasn’t exactly sure what. ”Nien,” he said shaking his head ‘no’ to her questions about a room or a mirror and to watching people for entertainment. That would be really really weird, not to mention creepy. Of the many things Adam was, a voyeur was not one. He realized his hands were up, fingers splayed in a defensive manner and quickly dropped them to his sides. If she didn’t like the entry chamber, she certainly wasn’t going to like the rooms that led off it, but he had a feeling he had best keep those comments to himself. ”But zere are zings in here zat can really hurt people,” he said softly. He was walking talking proof of that.

Hearing that she hadn’t made it into any of those rooms was reassuring. It meant she hadn’t been hurt, he didn’t have to file a security report, she didn’t have to talk to anyone, and he could get her out of this room as soon as possible. And then maybe, just maybe she would calm down. Although now that he thought about it, it meant another spin, because the only door that was open should be the Thought Chamber and he was not taking her in there! He could try the Assembly Room. Yes, that would probably be the best place to take her…

Thinking about how to get her out of the Entry Chamber, Adam hadn’t been paying attention and when he zoned back in Zita was talking about pastries and coffee and owls? . . . Oh! His brain clicked the pieces into place. She had come to see him…bring him a treat even. He felt suddenly self-conscious. ”Nien one has ever ….” he couldn’t think of the right word in English. Feeling stupid and self-conscious, he pushed his hands into his pants pockets, bunching his shoulders up a little. ”It vas kood - ah - friendly of vou to …” He stopped talking. Would she have rather owled? Or was she just being querulous? He couldn’t tell and not for the first time, he wished he could see facial expressions.

Maybe he should just lead her out of the Entry Chamber and back up to the Atrium. She did seem rather upset, but maybe it wasn’t about the Entry Chamber at all? Maybe whatever this was between them was entering territory that Zita was uncomfortable with? He had a feeling this was the first time she’d ever done something like this. Maybe she had just gotten very scared and didn’t know how to process it? If that was the case, pushing her away was probably not a good idea. He’d likely never see her again, and he didn’t want that. ”Sita?” he said gently, as he pulled his hands back out of his pockets. ”Danke for coming. If vou vant, I can valk vou back up to zee atrium.” He paused and after a moment’s hesitation, he reached out for her hand. ”But I hope vou don’t vant to go. Let me get vou ein drink to say vielan dank.”
Yeah, yeah, yeah she understood people could get hurt, hell look at him. If he wasn't proof that this level or maybe the entire ministry should be shut down she wasn't sure what was. Z never really care much about politics didn't really understand why anyone would really want to work in the ministry and get roped up in everything that went on. Plus, after meeting the minister and having him so rudely say that she was Adam's daughter she wasn't sure if she fully felt he was able to lead everyone.

She looked around the room not sure where the exit even was at this point but wanting to find it. She couldn't understand why everything that involved guys she liked was so damn complicated all the time. Why was it that others had it so easy, had fairy tales and she had nightmares. All she needed was a killer to jump out and it would be the perfect new horror flick for the muggles. Trying to avoid her past and start new she thought would work, but James had proven that wrong and then there was Adam. He was sweet,, but still a little awkward. What were they even? They had been out a few times, but was this considered anything or just friends hanging out? She was so confused and this ending to her day was not helping.

Friendly? Good?

What was she just some random coming to bring him lunch? Maybe she was looking at this all wrong, maybe she had just made an idiot of herself, and right now all she wanted to do was run away. She felt her body stiffen as it always did and the emotional walls going up that she hadn't pulled out in a while, but there they were just as if nothing in the past year and a half had even happened. "It's nothing really, I was in the neighborhood so.." She hadn't been, it wasn't easy really getting here, but she stuck out her hand with the bag so he could take it.

"Now if you don't mind I'd like to go home." She felt so stupid and she needed to leave before anyone noticed them in here. She didn't want to get him in trouble and she didn't want to feel like she did any longer. Her eyes lowered when his hand went to her's instead of the bag. She bit her lip for a moment thinking about it. "Are you sure you can step away, this place seems like you are needed." Though it was like this every day from what she was gathering.

Taking a deep breath she looked at him, "Coffee would be nice if there is somewhere we could get a cup." She figured the ministry didn't have something stronger so that would have to wait until she left.
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