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Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post

Vitani kept cleaning the table the best she was able to with the materials available to her. After several minutes of vigorous wiping, she noticed the gold polish on her fingernails was now chipped and dirty, which sent her anxiety into overdrive. Eww, that looked awful! Now she had a messy table and messy nails to deal with... but for now, the table was more important.

She was so absorbed in the task that she completely blocked out everything going on around her until someone spoke to her. Finally, someone else who noticed this cafe's sub-par standards of cleanliness! Vitani returned the gentleman's smile with a small one of her own as she took the tissues he handed her. "Thank you," she replied. "I'm afraid these don't seem to be doing the job, though." She gestured to a small pile of torn, flimsy napkins on the table (the ones she hadn't tried to transfigure into cloth rags). "I could get this table much cleaner if I had some furniture polish. You wouldn't happen to have any, would you?" Was that an odd question? Yes. Did that matter? No. For now, all her focus was on getting this table clean.

The woman is slowly beginning to feel a tad bit frustrated? Jonathan can't be too sure but she is definitely not happy about the not-so clean tables at this shop. He sees it too but he managed to notice everything else so that he would not be doing the same thing as her. It's very triggering and Jonathan understands her. He's a neat freak himself and loves to clean everything in his house. Always moving stuff and dusting them regularly, in fact his daughter is beginning to find it odd. As for her comment about the people at this cafe not doing a very good job at cleaning, he couldn't agree more. "Earlier I thought they were just part of the cafe's interior" it did look like patterns....? Well Jonathan didn't know until he got a closer look. "i guess there was probably a big group that came before us which led to the dirty tables" small talk, of course. Not that it made sense if the cafe had a lot of customers, the question of its hygiene still remains.

Furniture polish?

Jonathan looks at the woman and then back at the table. Would someone normally have a handy furniture polish in their bags? Or did he just not know about this one. Maybe some ladies have them....? He shakes his head and replied "I don't have any right now." He is also trying to think how he can help out but if the table is hard to get clean maybe some magic would do? Perhaps. "Should we use a spell to have it cleaned?" he asks smiling at the thought. "it's sort of the only way" he nods.
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