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French. Right. Kat didn't understand any of that, but she did mutter a thanks for both Valentin's concern and translation.

Kat wanted to sit down somewhere. Anywhere. She could even just do that on the floor at this moment, but everything seemed to by in a whoosh when the minister arrived. She wasn't in the best mood to have a conversation with the minister, but didn't want to seem impolite so she merely smiled to acknowledge his presence. Let Lucille do the talking even when it should have been Olly's job.

Speaking of Olly, she didn't look so well. Kat gave Valentin an apologetic look for the way her boss lady acted. It had been a rough day. Likewise, women were being women in here. Women attacked by misty hands were obviously in the worst case scenario too.

The blond didn't even notice the fountain until Lucille pointed it out. Under normal circumstances, Kat would have been concerned. Right now, she was simply drained and stressed and had no idea what was going on.

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