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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
" I like cats, I actually wanted a cat as a pet at Hogwarts but..." 'we are too broke to get one.' " I already had Ammonite which is my purple coloured toad. It's just a common toad that my dad used a spell on to change its colour" it was just a normal toad but he loved it.

Dorian looked up at Rylee while Lamb started to purr. " that's a relief" he said and continued to pet him as his voice changed into a higher pitch" oh you're so cute aren't you? Who's the cutie who is the little cutie? You are!" heh you could not do that to a toad.

"Thanks for wanting to help me with the language. I think that because they used their hospitality and opened up their school for us so that we can continue to learn was very kind of them. So I think a little respect goes both ways" he said as he nodded his head.

"How did you learn French by the way?" he asked as he took the Sugar Quill from her with a thanks. Did she go there a lot for vacations? or did she know people there?

As he ate the last bit of his liquorice wand, Dorian started to chew on the Sugar Quill when Rylee went in for a sudden hug. He dropped the Sugar Quill on to his lap and gasped in surprise as he had not thought she would have hugged him. But then again he should have known.

"Err... Thanks" he said as he felt his ears burning up. A sign that he was getting embarrassed and he wish he had longer hair now to cover it up. "My dad was a prefect in his days at school so I heard quite a lot of stories from him which made me always wanted to become one as well." he reached to pet Lamb again. "But now that I have it I don't know how to react. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled but .... I'm also worried" he wasn't sure what he was getting at. Perhaps it was because they we're going to a different school that made him nervous?

"Do you know who the new Head Girl is?" he asked.
Rylee smiled. "You can always play with Lamb and Cosmos. Well probably just Lamb because I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to bring Cosmos along as well this term since we'll be in Beauxbaton." This was something she still had to find out as last term she had been able to bring both cats along because Cosmos being a Kneazle he had been kept in the barn. "Ammonite is adorable! Have I told you before how much I love the fact that he's purple?" Even if it was simply a charm. Purple was her favorite color.

Lamb continued to purr loudly. Walking back and forth to rub along Dorian's leg as he was petted, clearly enjoying the attention. The small cats behavior made her laugh. "If you think he's cute now you should see him play!" It was super adorable watching him try to run around and jump up onto things with his short little legs!

"You're welcome. I agree. Even if we learn the simplest phrases it's something." And there was nothing wrong with knowing more than one language! Taking a bite of the liqourice wand, chewing and swallowing it first, Rylee answered the next question. "We have friends that live in France now. I've learned a bit from them all but I'll also be going to visit with them for a few days soon... Benji goes to Beauxbaton so hopefully he'll be able to tell me all about it before we go." Or at the very least what to expect.

Oops! What was it with her with startling him today?! Good thing she had kept the hug brief. "You're welcome! You have nothing to be nervous about, Dorian. All you have to do is be yourself, okay? Keep doing what you do now and you'll be great." Rylee smiled gently nudging him. "Don't stress yourself out over it."

Head Girl? Now that was a really good question. "I have no idea. Maybe it's Anna? She's been a Prefect the last few terms." So it made sense to her if they gave it to her.

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