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What was going on around here?

Leon had burst into the shop and looked around. [b] 'Oh my dear darling children you are so adorable these days, but why is this place so messy? It isn't even clean enough for your beautiful presence. Let the amazing Leon fix that. He quickly disappeared into the back of the shop setting down the book he had been holding, yes that amazing wonderful book he had found on the sidewalk that just was like a magnetic to him and he was so glad he had opened it. He was instantly inspired to make the day a brighter and cleaner day.

Grabbing a bucket and a mop he headed back out to the seating area. "These floors need to be clean, clean, clean." Taking the bucket now filled with soapy water he tossed it to have the water spill out all over and then took his mop and began mopping the very wet floors.

This place was just so dirty, how did he even let it open like this?
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