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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
When it came to strangers, Louise had absolutely no policy. She liked talking to new people. It was fun! She had noticed that some strangers weren't as keen as her to start a conversation with somebody they didn't know, but it didn't bother her to much.

The girl watched the other with her big greenish blue eyes, waiting patiently for an answer. She licked her ice cream cone before a drip of melty ice cream could fall and then she invited herself to sit down in the chair next to this new friend. "I've heard of that," she said before taking another lick. "But you know that's not the official history book, right? That's Hogwarts, A History." And that was what her mother was having her read, since it was what was required before going to Hogwarts.
This girl was definitely probably from a wizard family, since she knew about all the books, so she could be a good friend to have around. Licking her Ton Tongue Toffee patiently, she nodded as the other girl explained the difference between Bernie's book and the official school book.

"Yeah, I bought that one too," she shrugged. "But it's a bit..." Bernie took another bite of ice cream and dragged out her pause while she ate it. "dry? Ya know? Have you read all your school books already?!" If her parents were wizards, she could have been reading all her school books all along! She probably knew SPELLS already!
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