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Originally Posted by nicole black View Post
Evan was ecstatic to be back alone in Diagon Alley, she'd been here just a few weeks ago with her mother and her mother's traitor of a girlfriend and that had been something like torture even before she'd seen Kieran's judgey-as-heck face. So, yeah- back to the ecstatic bit, Evan was all smiles as she walked into a shop she'd never had need of before- A shop of nothing but cauldrons?? the idea was so stupid to the Ravenclaw that she had to explore.

Would there be just one of each kind in here? One iron, one copper, one gold, one pewter, all along the wall or would the cauldrons be so big in number they'd be falling off the shelves? The mind reeled.

With her dark hands tucked into the pockets of her blue jean shorts the American witch stepped past the doorway and into the shop- so eager was Evan, she didn't bother watching out for a familiar figure directly before her- and that was how Evan Eastwood nearly ran over Jabari Rahal.
Unfortunately, Jay had JUST picked up a rather sturdy looking copper cauldron when someone walked in to him. Obviously, he hadn't been expecting that, so he dropped the cauldron with a LOUD BANG on the floor as he steadied himself. He blinked, certain that he was probably going deaf now thanks to that loud clanging - and they were probably going to attract every person in the alley to their spot to see what had happened.

Swearing to himself under his breath as the ringing started to subside in his head, he turned to the girl who had run in to him and raised an eyebrow. "You ok?"

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