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.....and then the memo she'd sent hit the Minister right in the face.

Which turned out to be a whole lot less satisfying than Olly might have wished for. Clearly the earlier events had dampened her ability to appreciate this level of pettiness. She was tired. And angry. And shaken to her core. She just wanted to go home and curl up in bed. Maybe with Schuyler and Evie. Maybe on her own. She hadn't decided yet.

She knew the former was probably the healthier option.

At the mention of healers, Olly pulled herself together for a moment. "Yes." Was the tremor in her voice detectable for the others too or just for her? "Thank you...and....take however long you need." She felt guilty for sending her employees into the line of fire like this. Despite the fact that she'd had no way of knowing that something like THIS was going to happen.
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