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Text Cut: Sachin <3
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Whereas Conley was seemingly flustered, Sachin was calm. He felt sorry for the Department Head what with that odd and unusual sound that was made and the third man displaying his great amount of food. Sachin was still smiling and not at all bothered about anything. Until it all went dark, of course. Just prior to that, he briefly caught the look on Conley’s face...

The Ambassador reached for his own wand, not altogether sure why Conley’s wasn’t working. At that moment, he failed to figure out why that was happening. “Lumos,’’ he said in his Indian accent and raising his wand. Nothing happened which had him frowning deeply.

Silently, he went to carry out the request Conley had made. It was dark and it was only natural that he bump into one or two articles of furniture. Mercifully, there was no major injuries. “As far as I can see, it’s not just the windows in here,’’ he announced some moments later. “I presume you’ll have to get the Magical Maintenance people, yes?’’ Since spell work didn't seem to be working.

There were a few bumps and Conley winced, hoping that Sachin hadn’t hurt himself. He sat there shaking his wand and looking at it funny as he waited for Sachin to report back. And when he did, Conley wasn’t exactly happy with the information. The flustered look on Conley face turned rather sour. ”Great, just great,” he muttered to himself.

”There’s a light switch to the left of the door, if you could flip it,” Conley said to Sachin as he debated trying to send off a patronus message or a memo to maintenance. Conley usually didn’t bother with the overhead light when the enchanted windows had sunny weather because they usually provided enough light.

Tucking his wand between his teeth, Conley took a moment to finish moving his beloved tea set off his desk so it wouldn’t get broken. He grabbed a few of the pieces and spun his chair turning to place it on the back desk/bookshelf area below Elodie’s photograph. He glanced up at the photo (knowing it was there despite being barely able to see it) as he spun back around to grab more pieces of the china. He felt a bit weird about still having her photo in the office, but he couldn’t force himself to remove it. At least he’d moved it off his desk. That was progress right? He glanced in Sachin’s direction, then back down at the desk feeling, as usual, that odd mixed feeling of guilt and shame that tended to fill him whenever he thought about Elodie with Sachin around. He quickly moved the rest of the pieces onto the tray and spun around so Sachin couldn't see his face. He deposited the remainder of the tea set safely behind him, took a millisecond to settle his emotions and turned back around.

Now that his china set was safe, Conley could concentrate on the window problem. He plucked his wand from his teeth as he decided that a patronus would simply be easier than the memo at this point. Summoning his traditional go-to memory and forming his message in his mind, Conley flicked his wand, ”Expecto Patronum…”

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