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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
"Don't mind our tape. They do get a little impatient at times." Ramiel said reassuringly, and checked the measurements it had taken before letting the thing go to harass help the next child.

"Lets see about finding you your first wand, shall we?" He had a few thoughts immediately springing to mind! Ram went to fetch them and returned in moments, opening one box and offering it. "Take a hold of this one and give it a swish!"
"It's okay, it's very cute!" Ilya replied to the man, his eyes following the tape as it moved away from him to the next task it had. His first wand was a big deal, his gran was preparing him a big cake when they went back home after their shopping spree. "Thank you!"

He literally leaned on the desk so eagerly the aging counter creaked a little at the sudden weight pushing against it. Ilya extended his arms slowly, trying his best to STAY CALM like his gran advised, and took the wand in both sweaty hands.

Nothing happened.

One Mississippi.

Two Mississippis.

Three Mississippis.

He felt a whoosh of positive energy engulf him, his feet left the floor just barely and his eyes and hair changed to silver before Ilya did something inside his head and turned the whooshing feeling off. "Whoa. This is SO cool! I think this is it!" HE GAVE IT A SWISH SWISH, some boxes toppled over in the process but nothing too catastrophic.
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