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Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Connor had been worried. He hadn't heard from Irina in two weeks. It was... weird. They had been hanging out every day at school, right? Or did he make that up? He was worried he'd built up their relationship in his head when he finally heard back.

And, in typical Connor fashion, he dropped everything to meet her there.

The note still in his hand, he looked up and looked around, she had to be around here somewhere, right?
She was nervous and it was unlike her. But her feelings towards Connor were rather unlike her as well. It was all still new to her - and she didn't even know what "it" was. Her nerves disappeared when she saw him on the street, holding onto the note that she had sent him and she hurried over to him, colliding into him, her arms wrapping around him without second thought. She had missed him. For the first time in.. ever(?) she had really missed somebody.

That realization was weird, though.

"Hi," she whispered as she hugged him, hoping that somehow her hug would tell him that she was sorry for what he probably thought was two weeks of her ignoring him. She was going to explain as much as she could, but formulating the words was going to be difficult.

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