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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
New school meant new cauldron. Mainly because his old one was on its last leg - quite literally, the legs of the cauldron had broken off in transit from Egypt and now he needed another one. Turns out when you try and save money by using your parent's old cauldrons, you didn't exactly get much use out of them before they literally crumbled apart. He hadn't thought to ask them if they used THEIR parents cauldrons in school, but seeing as how the metal had literally broken he assumed they had been in the family for quite some time.

Ah well, it was all part of his ~fresh start~ thing right?

He was slooooowly getting the hang of this Diagon Alley place as well. Very slowly but surely. He had gotten his wand after putting it off for a VERY long time, and now he was starting to remember where the shops were. It was much easier to shop when Tari wasn't around either. Babysitting was not his forte.

Approaching the cauldron store, he peered in to the window, squinting to see if the cauldron he had set his eye on was currently on display or not.
Evan was ecstatic to be back alone in Diagon Alley, she'd been here just a few weeks ago with her mother and her mother's traitor of a girlfriend and that had been something like torture even before she'd seen Kieran's judgey-as-heck face. So, yeah- back to the ecstatic bit, Evan was all smiles as she walked into a shop she'd never had need of before- A shop of nothing but cauldrons?? the idea was so stupid to the Ravenclaw that she had to explore.

Would there be just one of each kind in here? One iron, one copper, one gold, one pewter, all along the wall or would the cauldrons be so big in number they'd be falling off the shelves? The mind reeled.

With her dark hands tucked into the pockets of her blue jean shorts the American witch stepped past the doorway and into the shop- so eager was Evan, she didn't bother watching out for a familiar figure directly before her- and that was how Evan Eastwood nearly ran over Jabari Rahal.
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