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Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Vitani Kama was overdue for a lunch break. She'd spent the past several hours redecorating the tattoo shop, and she became so absorbed in her work that she lost track of time. Now her stomach was growling as she walked into Espresso Patronum. She was almost hesitant to venture so far away from her own shop, but the Leaky Cauldron was a bit crowded for her taste and she preferred lighter fare anyway. She ordered a latte and a bacon, brie, & cranberry panini - the fanciest-sounding items on the menu - and took a seat at the nearest table. As she enjoyed her meal, she allowed her mind to wander.

Wow, I never thought I'd be back here! she thought, her brown eyes darting around the cafe. Not "here" as in this exact shop... "Here" as in Diagon Alley and London in general. When she left London 30 years ago, she swore she would never be back... yet here she was. All that time clawing her way to the top in the art world, and where did it get her? Right back where she started. It was like nothing ever changed. Oh, how far she'd fallen! She missed her art gallery. She missed the hustle and bustle of New York. She missed the glamour of Paris, but she couldn't go back to either place without being constantly reminded of all she lost.

Here's to my first day as a has-been, Vitani thought, raising her coffee cup slightly in a mock toast. As she set her mug down, something on the edge of the table caught her eye. It was a book; she picked it up and read the title: Witchy Washings. Funny, she didn't recall seeing that book when she sat down. Where did it come from? Maybe it had fallen out of someone's bag. She opened the book to see if there was some clue who it belonged to, like a name written inside the cover, but no, there was nothing. No matter, she'd just hand it in to the shopkeeper in case the owner came back for it.

As she set the book aside, she couldn't help but notice how filthy the table looked. Oh no, no, no, no! This would never do! All thoughts of handing in the book forgotten, Vitani made a beeline for the napkins, grabbing a handful of them, and returned to her seat, furiously wiping down the table. Somebody had to do it, as it was obvious this shopkeeper was cutting corners on cleanliness! After several minutes, she looked again. These napkins weren't doing the job! She needed real cleaning supplies! With a wave of her wand, she transfigured the napkins into cloth rags. Now she just needed some polish! Did this cafe have any in the back? Maybe she could summon it.

Jonathan is sipping his coffee while taking a look at the place. Observing most of it, anyway. His thoughts drifted into the house. He is remembering lists of things to do while he is out right now and the things that he will be doing when he comes home. Boring stuff but he needs to do it, doing chores that is. He noticed the moving patterns on the walls but then again that has always been noticeable. It's part of the shop's decor and it looked nice. It isn't something he would approve of but it looked nice. His eyes wandered around as the patterns on the wall moved. That one he didn't really take time to observe. He just thought it floated yet surprisingly they're also moving in a rhythm. It must be a boring day for him to just stare around and observing everything his eyes can see. Like the candles that turns on when a customer walks or passes by. That was the first thing he actually noticed when he passed by to get a table for himself.

Weird, not the candles but him. Jonathan is always like this anyway.

He notices someone walk in, sitting near him with her meal and coffee. She even gestured, raising her mug. Jonathan didn't stare at all nor she thought it was odd, no, but she is within his view. He finally takes a peak when she found the book on her table. Witchy Washings was it? But he couldn't read the entire cover because the woman placed it aside. Wait. He didn't realize the book was there. Then again he didn't notice the patterns were moving.

Theeeennnn she started cleaning or wiping the table at least.

It's true the tables were not the cleanest but it is clean enough but maybe just like him, this woman enjoys cleaning. That could be it. "The tables here need to be cleaned more" he smiled and looked at her. "Do you need more tissues?" he asked while handing her more.
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