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Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
She'd finally convinced her host father that one ice-cream wasn't going to spoil her appetite for whatever fancy dinner he had in mind (who'd thought an auror of all people would be strict? /sarcasm). And he'd even agreed to let her go by herself (though she was sure Mr. Carter was somewhere right outside keeping an eye out). Honestly, she couldn't understand what was so scary about some fog. It was basically just a cloud that had formed way to close to the ground (or confused clouds, as her real dad called them). Big whoop.

Anyway, she'd gotten her banana pudding-flavored cone, topped it with whipped creme at the toppings bar, took a big bite (unknowingly getting some on the tip of her nose) and began looking around for a place to sit. She spotted a boy that looked about the age to be going to this Hogwarts place and decided that sitting with him would be better than sitting alone. Besides, it'd be great to hear about the school from a fellow student, rather than someone who had once gone there.

"Hey, this seat taken?" she asked in her Cuban accent, her free hand on the chair across from him.
While taking a bite out of his ice cream, Dorian placed his ancient runes textbook that he had with him today beside him. He looked up from his seat to a girl around his own age, perhaps a bit younger (or maybe older, you could never tell these days) before he looked at the empty seat in front of him.

"Seat is not taken" he said as he made a gesture with his hand that told her that she could sit. "At least i don't think anyone is there...." he added, squinting at the empty seat. This was the wizarding world after all. Perhaps someone sat there with an invisibility cloak on or they had used an Disillusionment Charm on themselves to hide in public. Why they would do that at an ice cream parlor was beyond him but weirder things happened. Like a tiny little fluffball eating a professor in one bite kind of weird.

He looked at the girl again and his eyes went to her nose as he saw the ice cream on it. He bit his lower lip not to laugh and debated for a second or two whether he should tell her or not but in the end he decided that it was better to tell the truth. Better to feel embarrassed now than when everyone was staring at you right? "You've got some ice cream right there" he said as he pointed with his finger to his own nose.
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