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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
The Mist event that had happened last term had been in the back of Dorian's mind all summer. He concidered himself lucky that he had not come in contact with it except for briefly during their evacuation and he did not want to know how the others were feeing. He overheard snippets about what was happening at the Ministry of his father's conversations with his grandfather when they were working in the study room, unaware that Dorian was eavesdropping at the door.

He had mixed feelings about going back to Hogwarts if they opened it back up this year. On one hand he wanted to leave. He had been wanting to study at Ilvermorny ever since his second year but if he left now he would have survived a possession, inferi attack, insane professors, terrifyingly cute monsters and that Mist for nothing. If he could survive six years at Hogwarts he could do anything.

He sighed as a drop of ice cream landed on his book and cleaned it with a tissue that came with the ice cream and then closed the book. His thoughts were too distracting at the moment to focus on the writing. He continued to eat his ice cream as he watched the people in the room.
She'd finally convinced her host father that one ice-cream wasn't going to spoil her appetite for whatever fancy dinner he had in mind (who'd thought an auror of all people would be strict? /sarcasm). And he'd even agreed to let her go by herself (though she was sure Mr. Carter was somewhere right outside keeping an eye out). Honestly, she couldn't understand what was so scary about some fog. It was basically just a cloud that had formed way to close to the ground (or confused clouds, as her real dad called them). Big whoop.

Anyway, she'd gotten her banana pudding-flavored cone, topped it with whipped creme at the toppings bar, took a big bite (unknowingly getting some on the tip of her nose) and began looking around for a place to sit. She spotted a boy that looked about the age to be going to this Hogwarts place and decided that sitting with him would be better than sitting alone. Besides, it'd be great to hear about the school from a fellow student, rather than someone who had once gone there.

"Hey, this seat taken?" she asked in her Cuban accent, her free hand on the chair across from him.
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