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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cole Vance
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Laurel Vance-Rose

Ministry RPG Name:
Jacob Radford
Games & Sports
Swedishfish Girl! Madame Librarian! Jess's Soul Sister! Sweetest Swede!

What would you like?: A set please + a bio picture

Sizes: please go with your personal standard for the graphics.

What images would you like me to use?
FC is Thomas Kuc
If the pics in the gallery link below doesn't work you can of course look for others.
Postimage gallery of pics that I like

Avvie none
Siggy: Cole Vance Gryffindor
Profile pic + Bio pic: Cole Vance Gryffindor

You have free reign with this. I trust your judgement. Cole though likes Gryffindor red and blue is his favourite colour

Anything else?
None, just that you make awesome graphics!
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