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Hi all!

It's me, Moose, or Jay. I go more by the latter, but will definitely answer to the former because I'm so full of energy and probably drank about a gallon of coffee before typing up this introduction who's to say? You don't have any proof!!!

Let's not get off tangent here, my apologies. I've been apart of Snitchseeker for such a long time, longer than some, less than some others. Still though I've always loved this community.

Something that I've loved much longer than Snitchseeker (and don't forget I love Snitchseeker!) has been creating Art. Drawing Characters, and or other things (Depends on what I'm motivated to make at the time). I finally want to share all of that with you.

I've started drawing my Characters that I play in the SSRPG, and I've even drawn a few other User's Characters as well.

I'll be doing my best to keep sharing my creations in here for you all.

I also want to extend the invitation for requests. As I said above I've drawn other User's Characters. If you like what you see from my work, don't hesitate to ask me to draw one of your characters. I wouldn't even mind if you thought to challenge me , and request for other things besides SSRPG Characters. You'll see that I'll be sharing things in here besides Harry Potter related pieces so don't be afraid.

Anyways Welcome to My Art

Your Snitchseeker Resident Moose Smiley User.

SPOILER!!: Request Box
  • Mordred & Oakey - Requested by Stefan
  • Kanto Starter Pokemon - Requested by FearlessLeader19
  • Anti-Gravity Gunter - Requested by sweetpinkpixie
The Fine Print: Since this isn't a request shop, but I am taking requests. I should make it apparent that if there are any requests they will be done at my leisure and will be finished out of order depending on what inspires me the most to create first. Your Requests are to help inspire me to create and to share. My Art is for you all to Enjoy.

What's an Index? Is it like a Legend no those are Maps... A Glossary? No Wait...yes...Okay we're good.
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