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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
If she was worried about being spotted down in Knockturn Alley and it being blown up into a whole thing, it didn't show. Jessa walked into the shop, arm linked around V's, with the sort of ease that came naturally when he was around. She needed a few more potions, a few more ingredient, a few more of a lot of things to replenish her supplies and a trip out with her husband was just what she needed after a day locked away in her lab.

Sure, she could have gotten these things up in Diagon Alley--some of them at least--but then she risked running into people she knew, the questioning look of the shopkeeper should he pay attention to what she was buying and above all it made no sense to hit two shops when one could sufficiently get the job done.

"We should stop by the butcher's on the way home. The meat's running low." Faster than she'd anticipated when she first began animating her latest project. It stood to reason a werewolf would require more than a pair of undead cats. Didn't take a genius to figure that correlation. "The market, too, for Barnaby." Fresh veggies for her jackalope baby.

"I never did ask where you got my latest experiment." Where [i]had[/u] V found that corpse? It was in quite remarkable condition and wasn't the sort to be easily accessible.

"If you like." Valko didn't mind running what were essentially mundane errands as long as it was either for or with Jessa, and preferably the latter. "We can get something for ourselves too - I'll cook." He liked cooking for her, since she was so willing in general to get to know Bulgarian cuisine.

He held the door for her, one hand still on the small of her back, and glanced down at her as she mentioned her latest experiment. "Romania. Apparently it died in a cave with naturally occurring magical resonance which caused it to remain in its transformed form despite the moon phase no longer being full." It had only taken a few other measures to make sure it would stay as such. "I suspect the cave was obsidian-lined." Obsidian held the right kind of magical resonance for such things. When he'd heard about it he'd immediately arranged to acquire it for her, and he was entirely too pleased by how excited she had been.

There wasn't anything better than making Jessa smile and show the kind of excitement that was usually associated with small children on Christmas morning, so Valko tried to do it at any possible opportunity.
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