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Lucy had just given Olly the samples she had collected when the Minister came rushing towards the group.

"It was such an ordeal, Minister! Right from when we arrived, it was a very eerie atmosphere. We decided to tie one end of a rope to the gate and then we grabbed the other end of the rope as a safety precaution. Oh, we cast Bubble-Head Charms on ourselves beforehand. Anyway, Archer let go of the rope and fell to his knees like something was troubling him when the mist, I'm guessing, began to grab him and drag him. Alberta's Freezing Charm helped saved Archer."

Lucy paused and continued on.

"Then, through no fault of her own, Olly let go of the rope. I think she saw something that scared her. We cast all sorts of spells until we had a window of escape out of the grounds where we arrived here."

After telling the Minister her memory of events, Lucy looked around and began to mentally count to see if everyone was back.
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