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Okay, so Kat still really disliked the feeling she got from using portkeys. It still made her feel a little bit sick but at this point, she was feeling all sorts of numb.

The moment she felt her feet hit the ground, Kat nearly stumbled onto the person (Valentin) whom she was sure wasn't a member of their department. "Sorry, sorry..." the blond retaliated, offering a quick forced smile at the French man. She could probably use some rest. Just like Olly, Kat's head was spinning. She would have been courteous if it weren't for the mist.

Having collected her division's data and samples prior to entering the Hogwarts ground, Kat offered them to Olly. "This is from my entire team." If anything, she was glad she didn't lose all their samples. At least, the very least, they took something back from that horrendous experience. She hoped they were enough, to make their near-death experience worthwhile. "Be kind to yourself too, Olly." Kat knew she had also had it worse, like Archer. She knew Olly had other department head duties to fulfill, but Kat felt it was necessary for her to also hear that.

And bloody hell was right, Archer. Where was Alexander Brian and his bottle of wine?

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